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Gujarat Tourism

The most convenient entry point into Gujarat is through the metropolis of Ahmedabad. The city contains some very fine museums, the Calico Museum of Textiles being considered among the world’s finest. Ahmedabad’s walled city is a living testimony to its heritage of crafts as women walk by in dazzling embroidered garments and flashing ethnic silver jewellery. Traditional Ahmedabad combines mosques of inspired workmanship, wooden Jain temples, unique stone stepwells and houses with ornately carved wooden balconies and window screens. 

Modern Ahmedabad, just across the River Sabarmati spanned by four bridges, is a showpiece of contemporary architecture with designs by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and the best known Indian architects. Ahmedabad is a convenient base for a number of excursions, Modhera being the best known. 106 km away, this is one of the very few sun temples in the country.

Gujarat’s loveliest beach – and the state is well endowed with them – is Ahmedpur Mandvi whose chief attraction is the ethnic beach resort. Cottages modelled on rural Gujarati architecture look out onto a secluded beach, one of the state’s chief centres for water sports:

Gujarat Language

Gujarat is inhabited by people belonging to varied castes, religions and communities. Due to this reason, a number of varied languages are spoken in the state. The official language of the state is Gujarati. It is an Indo-Aryan language derived from Sanskrit. Gujarati is the 26th most widely spoken language in the world. In addition to this, it has eleven dialects, spoken in different parts of the state.

Gujarat shares its borders with other neighboring states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Therefore, there is a small population which speaks the respective languages of the different states also, namely Marwari, Hindi, and Marathi. Apart from this, Urdu and Sindhi are also spoken in Gujarat. Kachchh is one of the important areas in the state. It has an independent identity and is growing popular amongst tourists. The mother tongue of the people of Kutch is Kachchi. It is an important language of the region

Culture & Lifestyle

Gujarat is a flourishing state with cultural diversity. It is vibrant with its true colors of rich heritage and cultural traditions. Dating back to history with the Harappan civilization, the state becomes a confluence of many religions – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism. The Gujarati culture blends in arts, beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions, inventions, language, technology and values

Places of Tourist Interest in Gujarat

  • Ahmedabad Tourism
  • Gondal Tourism
  • Mandvi Tourism
  • Porbandar Tourism
  • Wankaner Tourism
  • Bhavnagar Tourism
  • Jamnagar Tourism                                                                                  

Ahmedabad Tourism

Ahmedabad blends harmoniously an ancient heritage with a vibrant present. The city's prosperous and eventful past and present is embodied in its rich kaleidoscope of history, art and culture, rich architecture and imposing monuments. Tourists can visit Ahmedabad throughout the year.

Palces of Interest in Ahmedabad
Ahmed Shah's Mosque, Balvatika, Teen Darwaza and Bhadra Fort, Daria Khan's Ghummat, Siddi Sayyad's Mosque, Gita Mandir, Swami Narayan Temple, Hathisinh Mandir, Jhulta Minar, Jumma Masjid, Kankaria Lake, Rani Sipri's Mosque and Tomb, Rani Roopmati Mosque, Rauza of Shah Alam, Sabarmati Ashram, Siddhi Sayyad Mosque, Dada Hari Vav.

How to Reach Ahmedabad

By Air: Indian Airlines connect Ahmedabad with Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Madras, Jaipur, Indore and Calcutta. East West Airlines also connects Ahmedabad with Bombay.

By Rail: Ahmedabad is directly connected to Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Trivandrum, Varanasi etc.

By Road : Ahmedabad to : Baroda (Vadodara) 113 km, Mt. Abu 228 km, Udaipur 252 km, Jaipur 657 km, Bombay 545 km, Delhi 1076 km, Gandhinagar 25 km, Modhera 110 km, Nal Sarovar 71 km and Lothal 80 km.

Gondal Tourism

Gondal is a testimony to the great visionary ruler Sir Bhagwatsinhiji, who introduced social reforms, planned the development of Gondal town and created a model state of Saurashtra in late 19th and early 20th century. Gondal, the capital of the former princely State of Gondal, was ruled by the Jadeja Rajput clan, till the independence of India. It is a fortified town located on the river Gondali.

Sir Bhagwatsinhji's high education and extensive tours to Europe enhanced his aesthetic taste, which can be seen in the architecture and planning of public buildings, parks, bazaars dn palaces builts during his regime.

Gondal Travel Information

By Air
Nearest Airport is Rajkot (39 km) 

By Rail
Gondal is a Railway station on Rajkot-Veraval line
By Road
Rajkot (39km), Ahmedabd (264km)

By Local transport
Non-Metered Autorickshaws

Mandvi Tourism

Mandvi was originally a fortified town having a fort wall of about 8m high and 1.2m wide stone amsonary. The fort had several gateways and 25 bastion ; but at present, most of the wall has disappeared. The bastion on the southwest is largest and acts as a lighthouse.

Mandvi is located on the banks of teh Rukmavati river, barely one km away from the Arabian Sea at the Gulf of Kutch. The town has a very pleseant climate throughout the year and was a summer retreat of the Kutch Maharaos. The establishment of the town dates back to the late sixteenth century (1581 AD) and is attributed to the first Jadeja ruler of Kutch Rao Khengarji

Mandvi Travel Information

By Air:
Nearest Airport is Bhuj(50 km) 

By Rail:
Nearest Railway Station is Gandhidham (95 km) 

By Road:
Bhuj (50 km), Ahmedabad (446 km), Rajkot (268 km)

Porbandar Tourism

Porbandar, originally a fortified town. with high rampart walls, bastions and five gates, lost its fortification by the order of Colonel Lally in 1888 AD. Even today, a ritual to circumambulate the fortification is performed by Hindus.

The prosperity of Porbandar was due to maritime trade and it was a thriving port in the Mughal period. It was attacked by the Portuguese in the wake of achieving supremacy over sea trade in 1531 AD. The Walker Treaty of 1807 AD between the ruling clans of Saurashtra and the British put an end to the feuds and it resulted in a favorable environment for the civic development of the Porbandar State.

By Air:
Porbandar is connected by air to Mumbai 

By Rail: 
Railway station on Porbandar-Ahmedabad railway line 

Ahmedabad (412 km), Rajkot (187 km), Jamnagar (124 km) 

Local transport: 
Non-Metered Autorickshaws and Local Buses

Wankaner Tourism

Wankaner derives its name from the geographical feature related to the location of the town: 'Wanka' means a bend and 'ner' means water stream in Gujarati. Wankaner literally means a bend on the stream and it is located on the bend of the Machchhu river

The Jhala Rajput clan ruled Wankaner, the capital of the former princely State of Wankaner, till Indian independence in 1947 AD. It was one of the four princely states of Jhalawad, other three being- Wadhvan, Limbdi and Dhangadhra. 

Sartanji founded the princely State of Wankaner in 1605 AD and the town was fortified in the late 18th century for protection against the bandits and neighboring enemies. King Amarsinhji, a noble ruler, who made Wankaner a rich city-state, ruled Wankaner up till 1947 AD.

Travel Information: 

By Air: Nearest airport is Rajkot (53 km), Ahmedabad (220 km) 

By Rail: Wankaner City on Ahmedabad-Rajkot railway line 

By Road: Rajkot (53 km), Ahmedabad (220 km) 

By Local transport: Non-metered auto rickshaws.

International airport

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport:

is India's eighth busiest airport with an average of 250 aircraft movements a day. It services the metropolitan areas of two cities in the State of Gujarat - Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The airport is located 8 km (5.0 mi) from the Ahmedabad Railway Station. It is named after statesman and former Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The airport is spread over an area of 1,124 acres (4.55 km2) with the runway measuring 11,811 ft (3,600 m).

The airport is a focus city for several Indian carriers which include Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and SpiceJet.

Domestic airports

  • Bhavnagar Airport: is located near Bhavnagar in the state of Gujarat, India.

Airlines                      Destinations

Jet Airways                 Mumbai
Kingfisher Airlines Mumbai

  • Bhuj Airport: is located in Bhuj in the Kutch District of the state of Gujarat, India.

The airport was previously made up of two bunkers/buildings near the Bhuj Rudra Mata Air Force Base, with which it shares the runway. On one side of the passing road there was an Indian Airlines bunker, and on the other side a Jet Airways bunker. From there a coach would transport one across the Indian Air Force grounds to the small departures terminalis located in Bhuj in the Kutch District of the state of Gujarat, India.
The airport was previously made up of two bunkers/buildings near the Bhuj Rudra Mata Air Force Base, with which it shares the runway. On one side of the passing road there was an Indian Airlines bunker, and on the other side a Jet Airways bunker. From there a coach would transport one across the Indian Air Force grounds to the small departures terminal

Airlines                       Destinations

Kingfisher Airlines Mumbai
Jet Airways                 Mumbai

  • Jamnagar Airport or the Govardhanpur Airport Jamnagar:is an airport in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. It is owned by the Indian Air Force and also permits both commercial as well as private flights.

Airlines Destinations

Air India Mumbai

  • Kandla Airport or Gandhidham Airport:is located north of Kandla and Gandhidham in the Kutch District of the state of Gujarat, India.

Airlines                    Destinations

Kingfisher Airlines Mumbai

  • Porbandar Airport:is an airport in Porbandar, Gujarat, India. A new terminal was opened in the spring of 2008.

Airlines        Destinations

Jet Airways   Mumbai

  • Rajkot Airport: is a public airport located a few miles from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Daily flights are operated by Jet Airways and Air India. Rajkot Airport has parking apron for Two B-737 with 250 terminal capacity.

Airlines             Destinations

Air India          Mumbai
JetLite            Mumbai 

  • Surat Airport: is a domestic airport located in Magdala, 11 kilometres south-west of Surat in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. The total area of the airfield is 312 Hectares. It currently caters to scheduled airline services as well as private aircraft and is also home to a Flying training school.

Airlines                    Destinations

Air India Regional Delhi

  • Vadodara Airport or Civil Airport Harn: is a civilian airport located in the north-east of Vadodara, Gujarat, India in the suburb of Harni.

Airlines                      Destinations

JetLite                       Delhi

Jet Airways                 Bangalore, Delhi,Hyderabad,Mumbai

IndiGo                        Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai,Pune

Air India Regional Delhi

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